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TemplatePower manual

Portuguese (Brazilian)

* Not fully translated yet.

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What is TemplatePower?

TemplatePower offers you the ability to separate your PHP code and your (HTML) layoutfile. It's simular to the popular template class FastTemplate, but than a lot faster (about 6x faster).

What can TemplatePower do?

TemplatePower 1.6.2 supports the following:

- nested dynamic block support.
- block / file include support (note: PHP code will NOT be executed, use v2.0).
- show / hide unassigned variables.

TemplatePower 2.0 includes extra:
- ingore tag.
- PHP-file include tag, this code will be executed.
- global assign of variable
- multiple variable assign in one assign statement, using an associative array.
- save / use parsed template on / from disk.
- reuse tag (test state).

TemplatePower 3.0 includes extra
- database template support.

Why should you use TemplatePower?

First of all, its free for personal use (General Public License)!

The reason that I developed TemplatePower was that FastTemplate wasn't so easy to use (that's my opinion). At least it could be done easier, that's why I called it EasyTemplate first, but that name was already in use I noticed later. So, i changed the name into TemplatePower. I hope you agree with me, that TemplatePower is easier in use than FastTemplate. And as I wrote above TemplatePower is a lot faster than FastTemplate. These are probably the most important reasons why you should use TemplatePower instead of FastTemplate.

If you find a bug(s) please fill in the bugreport which you can find here.


TemplatePower requires PHP 4.0.1 or higher and runs on windows and unix-based systems.

GNU General Public License

TemplatePower is released under the GNU General Public License. If you want to sell an application/site where TemplatePower is a part of, you can buy a special 'Certificate of Distribution'. This certificate allows you to sell a number (minimum quantity of five) of applications/sites with TemplatePower. It will cost (number x EUR 10) + EUR 5.00 (for administration costs). If you use TemplatePower for commercial purposes without a 'Certificate of Distribution' you will risk a fine of EUR 1000 + license costs.

CopyRights © 2001-2009 Ron. P.J. Velzeboer.